Person Centered Service Plan

Empower members have a Person Centered Service Plan (PCSP). The Care Coordinator is responsible for obtaining copies of all treatment and service plans related to members and coordinating services between those plans. The goal is to prevent duplication of services, ensure timely access to all needed services, and identify any service gaps for the member, as well as provide any health education and health coaching identified by those plans. The Care Coordinator will ask members what goals they would like to achieve in addition to collecting the member’s treatment plans and ensuring follow up on those plans.

It is your right and responsibility to participate in the development of your PCSP by providing information, to the best of your ability, which Empower, or your provider may need to plan your treatment.

Your PCSP will include the following types of treatment or service plans:

  • Behavioral Health Treatment Plan
  • Person Centered Service Plan for Waiver Clients
  • Primary Care Physician Care Plan
  • Individualized Education Program
  • Individual Treatment Plans for developmental clients in day habilitation programs
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Housing Plan
  • Any existing Work Plan
  • Justice system-related plan
  • Child welfare plan
  • Medication Management Plan

Your PCSP will list what additional services are available to you. This may include:

  • Adult rehabilitative day service
  • Behavioral assistance
  • Child and youth support services
  • Family support partners
  • Medication counseling by registered nurse
  • Mobile crisis intervention
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Peer support
  • Recovery support partners (for substance abuse)
  • Residential community reintegration program
  • Respite, emergency and planned
  • Substance abuse detox (observational)
  • Supportive employment
  • Supportive housing
  • Supportive life skills development
  • Therapeutic communities
  • Therapeutic host homes