Care Coordination Services

Care coordination will assist members with their healthcare need by ensuring providers and services are working together so that the member’s health is improved. Care Coordinators will include members in development of the Person Centered Service Plan (PSCP) and provide choices for members in this process. Care Coordinators will also ensure compliance with the PCSP and will assist with any resources needed or barriers to accessing treatment.

Your Care Coordinator will also:

  • Teach you more about your health needs
  • Help with any needs in your day to day life, such as helping you eat healthy food and exercise
  • Work with providers that give medicine
  • Work with providers to coordinator care
  • Make a plan of care that has all your services listed
  • Help find you services
  • Help you find supports in your family and community
  • Help if you are in trouble or in crisis
  • Provide guidance and support
  • Help with paperwork
  • Monitor providers to ensure that services are provided in a safe and helpful manner
  • Ensure you have an assigned PCP in the state’s Care Connect System
  • Ensure you regularly follow up for prevention, wellness, and sick visits
  • Ensure all members have active coverage
  • Will follow up with you within 7 days of an ER, Urgent Care, or Hospital Admission
  • Will contact the member to assist with discharge planning, prescription assistance, follow up appointment with PCP and Specialty Providers