Consumer Advisory Council

Empower recognizes the importance of engaging members, key constituents, and stakeholders in the PASSE program. We developed a Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) to ensure people have the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback and important program information across the state.  The CAC also helps guide our mission to empower individuals to lead fuller, healthier lives at home and in their communities.

Members and parents or guardian of children who are members are eligible to join the Consumer Advisory Council. By serving on the Empower Consumer Advisory Council, participants can help improve the quality of services for all members of Empower by sharing ideas and concerns.

Empower invites our members to meet with us in person to share their opinions. During this meeting, members tell us what they think about our program. Empower uses this information to make program changes based on members’ needs. If you want to be a part of our Consumer Advisory Council, email us at Empower Consumer Advisory Council.