Cultural Competency Plan

Empower Healthcare Solutions (Empower) integrates cultural linguistic competency concepts into programs, services, policies and processes that reflect an understanding and respect for the diverse cultural and linguistic needs of members, providers, clients, staff members, and stakeholders in the provision of services. This includes individuals who have disabilities, limited English proficiency, specific populations such as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), and individuals who have diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Empower’s Cultural and Linguistic Program includes:

  • Availability of telephonic oral interpretation by staff or contracted vendor (if applicable) 24 hours, 7-day a week including American Sign Language (ASL) referral
  • Availability of TDD/TYY and/or relay services
  • Availability of referrals to network providers for services in specified language or for cultural needs
  • Translation of written materials as required or requested
  • Provision of member materials in plain language
  • Member testing of materials that includes review by representatives of the member population for which the materials/websites were designed, to ensure their readability, perceived usefulness, and that they appropriately address the cultural diversity of the target populations.

Mechanisms can include, but are not limited to, review by consumer members/advisory committees, or by focus groups, internal review by diverse staff, access to websites to practice and use tools. Results of such review are then incorporated into the final version of materials.