Provider Communications

08/23/21Coronavirus: Temporary Increases in Arkansas Medicaid COVID-19 Vaccination Administration Rates
08/02/21EVV Billing Cutoff Date No Longer in Effect
07/30/21Provider Handbook
07/30/21Prior Authorization List
07/08/21Identifi Portal Updates
06/28/21Update EVV Go Live Date for Personal Care
06/01/21EVV Go Live Date for Personal Care
05/28/21Coronavirus COVID-19 Updated Vaccination Rates and Billing Codes
05/19/21Advanced Imaging Prior Authorization Requirements
05/17/21Provider Letter
03/17/21Provider Validation Edits Effective April 19, 2021
02/22/21Provider Validation Requirements
02/17/21Personal Care Providers Utilizing AuthentiCare for EVV Services
01/20/21Coronavirus – Coverage of COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibodies
01/14/2121st Century Cures Act Mandate Effective 1/1/21
01/07/21Annual Benefit Limits for Waiver Codes Correction
12/17/20Coronavirus – Extension of Benefit for Acute Crisis Unit
12/17/20Coronavirus – COVID-19 Vaccination Rates and Billing Codes
12/17/20Waiver of Prior Authorization for Post-Acute Care Transfers
11/24/20Prior Authorization and Extension of Benefits
11/23/20Taxonomy Warning Edit
11/10/20EVV Rosters for HHAX System
10/01/20Empower BH and DD Credentialing for Facilities
09/18/20Empower EVV vendor HHAX
08/12/20Coronavirus – Updated Laboratory Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19
08/12/20Intermittent System Interruptions – Resolved
08/07/20Intermittent System Interruptions
08/06/20Extension of T2020 UA Supplemental Support Services Correction
07/31/20Psychiatric Inpatient Providers and Hospitals
07/31/20Pain Management Codes
07/07/20Coronavirus – Use of Telemedicine Services for Substance Abuse Assessment
06/12/20Use of T2020 UA Supplemental Support Services
06/01/20Coronavirus – Correction: Use of Well Checks for EIDT and ADDT providers during COVID-19 Outbreak
05/08/20Coronavirus – Telemedicine for FQHC & RHC
04/27/20Coronavirus – Provider Alert Summary
04/23/20Coronavirus – Additional Services Ready to Bill
04/21/20Coronavirus – FQHC & RHC Flexibilities in Service Provision
04/17/20Coronavirus – Additional Services Ready to Bill
04/14/20Coronavirus – Services Ready to Bill
04/14/20Coronavirus – Telemedicine Mental Health Diagnosis
04/10/20 Coronavirus – Telemedicine Master Treatment Plan Services
04/10/20 Coronavirus – Telemedicine Marital and Family Behavioral Health Counseling
04/10/20 Coronavirus – Telemedicine Crisis Intervention
04/07/20 Coronavirus – Mobile Clinics and COVID-19 Screenings
04/07/20 Coronavirus – EIDT/ADDT Nursing
04/07/20Coronavirus – Autism EPSDT
04/03/20Assistant Surgeon – Corrected
04/03/20Coronavirus – Nurse Practitioners Telehealth
04/03/20Coronavirus – PT, OT, ST Assistant Telehealth
03/26/20Coronavirus – COVID-19 Lab Fees
03/24/20Coronavirus – Behavioral Assistance
03/24/20 Coronavirus – New Modifier for Supplemental Support Services
03/24/20Coronavirus – PT, OT, ST Telehealth
03/20/20Coronavirus – BH Telehealth
03/20/20Coronavirus – Physician Telehealth
03/16/20Credentialing Empower Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Providers
03/16/20Coronavirus Developmental Disability/CES Waiver Billing
03/13/20 Coronavirus Provider Voluntary Self-Report
03/13/20COVID-19 CMS Codes
02/25/20Billing Physical and Occupational Therapy
02/07/20DME Codes Ending in 99
02/06/20Searching for a Member in Identifi
01/21/20Empower Community and Employment Supports (CES) Waiver Transition
12/03/19Voluntary Self-Disclosure of Overpayment
12/03/19Inpatient Acute RTC Authorizations
11/25/19Independent Assessment Date on Portal
11/07/19PT-OT-ST Codes Corrected
09/12/19ABA Codes
09/11/19BH Prior Authorization Reminder
09/09/1990885 U4
09/03/19Out of Network Extension
06/25/19Anesthesia Billing
06/14/19Third Party Liability
06/11/19 InterQual Criteria
06/11/19Empower Healthcare Solutions LLC
06/06/19Technical Bulletin Prior Authorization – Corrected
06/05/19Provider Tracking
05/23/19Weekly Open Forum Calls
04/18/19Empower Town Hall Invitation
04/08/19Claims Forum
04/05/19Provider Portal Maintenance
03/26/19Corrected Psychiatric Inpatient Providers and Hospitals Billing
03/22/19Authorization Letter Error
03/18/19Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy CPT Codes
03/12/19Billing Tips
03/12/19Medicare Crossover
02/28/19Early Intervention Day Treatment Billing
02/28/19Developmental Disability Unique Modifiers
02/28/19Intermediate Care Facility Billing
02/28/19Outpatient Behavioral Health Unique Modifiers