What is Care Coordination?

Care coordination is when health care services and staff work together to organize provider visits and other services to make sure you get the best care. You, your family/supports, and your providers all work together to create a care plan to meet your care needs. Your care plan is made for you. It makes sure you have supports that know your language, your background, and your point of view. Your Care Coordinator will be one person that all of your providers can talk to. They can share information about your care needs. The Care Coordinator will make sure that the plan
is being followed.

Your Care Coordinator will also:

  • Teach you more about your health needs
  • Help with any needs in your day to day life, such as helping you eat healthy food and exercise
  • Work with providers that give medicine
  • Make a plan of care that has all your services listed
  • Help find you services
  • Help you find supports in your family and community
  • Help if you are in trouble or in crisis
  • Provide guidance and support
  • Help with paperwork